During the summer holidays, children can live every day an educational adventure in Commezzadura.
At the Extreme Waves Centre, which is easy to achieve because is situated near the hamlets, you will find a nice and small farm. There, you have the possibility to discover a lot of new things and spend your time in contact with different animals.
The visit to the farm is a unique experience because there are many animals, you can pet: donkeys, goats, rabbits and gooses.

All the children usually run to the fence in order to pet the sweet donkeys, which are mother and daughter.
Moreover, there is Babu, the wonderful goose. She thinks to be the owner of the farm and hangs around the field in order to find the kind goats Pancha, Karma, Peter, Desireè, Pancho, Chana and Masala.
What about the rabbits? At the end of the day, we have always to run after them in order to put them in their little home for the night. These funny and friendly sprinters call Chai, Ice, Gasolina, Martin, Occhibelli, Gina and Tonic.
Obviously, roosters, chickens and chicks cannot miss in a farm. Indeed, Casimiro is the Mr.Rooster, courted by two chickens Gertrude and Pasqualina. The chicks are curios and friendly. If you have them in your hands, they will trust on you.
In the center we involve children, who will help us in the daily jobs, such as during the food distribution. In this way, they will learn important information about nutrition.
It is an educative experience for children in order to reinforce theri respect for animals.