The Rabbi Thermal Spa Centre is located right at the start of Stelvio National Park in pure natural surroundings. It combines the mineral water’s properties of Rabbi, with the charm of a mountain and unspoiled landscape.

38020 Rabbi Bagni (TN) | T. (+39) 0463 983000 | F (+39) 0463 985070
info@termedirabbi.it | www.termedirabbi.it

At the centre are proposed the most current methods in the thermal branch, as the phlebological path, which is efficient for venous circulation and rheumatic diseases. It is specialized in treating and preventing cellulite and venous insufficiency with natural treatments.
The consumption of water as drink is very efficient for preventing stomach’diseases, while the Areosol therapy is useful for the respiratory tract. In the gym can be required physiotherapeutic cures too.

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