Among the most important torrents present in Italy and in all Europe, we find the river Noce. It is surrounded by the most suggestive landscape and classified by the influential National Geographic as among the top 10 rivers in the world for white water rafting.

The torrent impetuosly runs to the valley with a navigable section long about 30 km. In 1993, we hosted the World Championship of canoe and kayak. Every year important competitions are conducted on the river along segments accessible to expert people, which present both complicated sections and easier ones. The easier parts are adapted also for who practise this exciting sport for the first time.

Considering the professionality of specialized guides, is possible to try and adventurous grade on special rafts in complete safety. The rafts are specifically built in order to resist to the difficulties of the river. The courses are 4 dedicated to adults, which are alternerd to various grades for children. The children's grades are dislocated long other tracts of the river.

All the necessary techniques and tricks are illustred with a theorical lesson before the departure. The crew is normally composed from a guide and 4 or 6 passengers, who participate actively to the raft's direction with paddles.
When the conditions of the river allow, more rafts go down one in close proximity to the other. It is a great emotion for people who enjoy facing the swirling water of Noce, but for who admire from the rafts the landscape immersed in a spectacular scenario too.

For this reason, rafting is a fascinating activity for everyone, because it does not request particular talents or particular equipment. In order to face the rapids of the river the necessary clothing consists in: bathing suit or short, trainers (or shoes of neoprene sub/surf), tight shirt with long sleeves or T-shirt, beach towel or bathrobe.

Rafting Centre Extreme Waves

In front of the moutains of Brenta, immersed in a green oasis long the river Noce, there is the RAFTING CENTRE EXTREME WAVES in Mestriago di Commezadura. You will find a team of professional guides registered by the Rafting Italian Federation FIRAFT.

In addition to fatastic rafting grades for adults and children, the Centre recommends a unique range of services and emotional activities in Trentino. It is a mix of extreme sports, that you can live in safety: tarzaning explorer in an alpine canyon, hydrospeed with fluvial board in order to swim in the foaming waters of the river, canyoning, kayak, downhill, mountain bike, rock climbing, hiking trails, trekking, Nordic walking and ponting swing jumping.

We are speaking about an innovative centre outdoor, which enriches the touristic proposal of Commezzadura since 2000. It is opened from May to September and constitutes an excellent chioce in order to pass a day in a natural place near the river. There, you can test your personal balance and limits doing adventures on the ROPES COURSE or on the RIVER BRIDGE. The first is a structure constitued by trunks 12 meters high, linked together by strings and passages of different difficulties. The second is a Tibetan Bridge, 45 meters long, which start right from the center passing across the river Noce and ends to the other side (you will jump through it!)
Commezzadura estate extreme waves
The Centre is particularly equipped in order to host children, who can pet animals of the small farm and play on bouncy houses or in the playgroud. Adults can relax under the sun laying on deckchairs. There are a pic-nic area with tables, restaurant and pizzeria too.

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