Starting from the highest part of the village of Deggiano a very steep unpaved road goes up through the meadows surrounding the village, enters into the wood and goes up to the uncultivated meadows of the Masi da Mont.

The rural homes found here, which are called “masi”, have certain structural characteristics that make them an excellent example of Alpine architecture, as well as the quaint stone fountain nearby. On the right of the fountain, after passing a short slope, you must follow the track that continues on flat terrain amongst terraced fields towards the villages of Montés and Bolentina that are located on the south eastern slopes of “Mount Camucina”.
Commezzadura - I masi da Mont di Deggiano
Just above a small mountain shelter, the trail enters into the wood and, after crossing several streams and technical downhill slopes, it goes upwards until it reaches an unpaved road that takes you just above the village of Montes. Go down to the lower part of the village of Montés: here an unpaved road will take you to a beautiful “maso” that has been completely renovated. The road becomes a trail and takes you up through a wood, than goes up a steep but short stretch to a small clearing. Here take the grassy road that in a short time will take you back to the village of Deggiano.