The Val di Sole cycle path follows the Noce River for 35 km, from Cogolo di Peio to Mostizzolo. It is an easy route, covering a total difference in altitude of 565 metres. You can ride up from the valley bottom easily on the Dolomiti Express (Bike Train service), a special train that also trasnports bikes.

The first part of the pedestrian path crosses a typical alpine landscape, eventough of the low altitude. It goes in a fresh copse of spruce trees and proceeds in the direction of Malè. Malè is the principal town of the valley, which is achievable trough green lawns and spacious farmland cultivated in orchards.
This section is protected from the road traffic and you can reach the locality of Ponte Story (2.6 km) with a confortable place fro a break. Before arriving in Cavizzana, you will go down near the Noce in order to achieve the big building of the Caldes Castle and the overhead Samoclevo Fortress. These two buildings are situated on the other side of the valley.
After 7 km you will find ‘Le Contre’, a locality with sportive and recreational equipment. Then you will continue always staying on the right side of the River Noce and will achieve the point of confluence with the torrent Rabbies. This torrent goes down from the Rabbi Valley towards the Noce 1 km from Malè. The village rises on a higher level than the cycle path. For this reason, the cycle path does not crossed the town. However, it is suggested visiting the place in order to admire some distinctive building and the Museum of the Val di Sole Civilization.
The cycle path proceed trough astureland which will take you to the village of Dimaro (15.1 km). Dimaro is located at the start of the Meledrio Valley, where the way in the direction to Madonna di Campiglio branches off.
For a long segment, you will skirt the Trento-Malè rail and Dimaro shall be crossed from the cycle path. Following, you will continue along the Noce, at the beginning on the hydrographic right and then on the hydrographic left, until Commezzadura. From here, you go on the hamlet of Piano and then Mezzana. Firstly, you will find the canoing piste and secondly the Sport Centre. Then, you will soflty proceed along the path until the village of Pellizzano (km 25), where appears the Bicigrill.
When you move forward on the flat tract, you will approach Ossana and its San Michele Castle, which is visible from a distance. You will go back up the torrent Vermigliana for a short tract near the camping and will cross the bridge, which conducts to Fucine (km 28.2). Fucine is the meeting point between Sole Valley and Pejo Valley. At this point, you have been arrived at 985 meter above the sea.
After Fucine you will go to the northwest direction. The cycle path continues along the Pejo Valley: at the beginning the section is flat until the locality Forno di Novale (km 29.85) and then there is a climb in the diretion of Cogolo. The valley is much narrowes and you are forced to cross the river Noce three times (the second time over a roadbridge, which goes to Comasine on a short steep stretch).
At the end you will continue your climb and arrive in Cogolo, which you will reach downhill. You will cross a bridge, which takes you on the main road at the beginning of the village (km 34.11).

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