Here in Commezzadura you can go for walks of different levels into nature, from the longest and most complex to the most relaxing ones. At the Information Office of Commezzadura is available the “Map of paths“: a map of the localities. It is indispensable in order to find the starting points of the various itineraries and the related journey times.
All paths are clearly marked on the territory!

To visitors we recommend dedicating a day to the attractive itinerary called "Sentiero dei pastori" - the shepherds'path. The starting point for this walk is Malga Panciana, which is located at the arrival area of the cable car Copai-Malga Panciana (1882 m). Here you can take the path, which reaches a particularly magnificent panoramic viewpoint. From here you can proceed along a path which is quite flat or slighty uphill and which reaches the Rifugio Solander (in the locality Alpe Daolasa) at an altitude of 2045 m (it can be reached with cable car). The path continues to the Malghette Lake, which can be reached by initially going down the ski slope and then along an easy path on the right. From here you can go back to Malga Panciana following the SAT Path no.201.
Commezzadura estate sentiero-strupaia
Commezzadura estate passeggiate
Start your walk from the Piano car park. Go uphill along Via del Capitel, then take Via dei Coai on the right. Walk along this road until you reach the fork, where you need to take the path to Deggiano. The path continues at this altitude until it reaches the high part ot the hamlet of Mestriago, and then it crosses the fields and a bridge on a stream. Take the path to the locality of Novaia, which offers a particularly spectacular panoramic view, and proceed along the dirt road until you cross the path that, on the left-hand side, goes uphill to Deggiano. Under the church, you will find the path which crosses the sunny fields, and will take you back to the hamlet of Mastellina. From here you can go back to Piano following the pedestrian sidewalk along the main street.

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