Here in Commezzadura you can go for walks of different levels into nature, from the longest and most complex to the most relaxing ones. At the Information Office of Commezzadura is available the “Map of paths“: a map of the localities. It is indispensable in order to find the starting points of the various itineraries and the related journey times.
All paths are clearly marked on the territory!

To visitors we recommend dedicating a day to the attractive itinerary called "Sentiero dei Pastori", which is develops for 3 Km between 'Malga Panciana' and 'Lago delle Malghette' passing trough 'Alpe Daolasa'.

Historically, the path was used from shepars, who walked among the Alpine huts in order to move their cows from their respective pastures.

Commezzadura estate sentiero-strupaia
Commezzadura estate passeggiate
In addition to being particularly interesting from a naturalistic point of view, this walk represents the significant tribute that the entire Community of Commezzadura wanted to dedicate in memory of the 118 victims of the plane crash at Linate on 8 October 2001. Considering the difference in height and the time of travel, it is an excursion that lends itself to all degrees of preparation and is included in our map trails, route no. 15.

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