Commezzadura is full of resources and touristic proposals for all different interests. On our territory, the most modern facilities are harmoniously coexisting with the most uncontamineted nature, paying particular attention to historical and artistic heritages.

The stay in Commezzadura can give you the opportunity to satisfy your corporal and mental needs. You will unite sportive activities with the pleasure of relaxation in this reality, where pure air and silence are enveloping the stunning natural landscape.
In Commezzadura, you will choose the accomodation facilities, which are best suited to your requirements. Furthermore, you can dedicate yourself to the acitvities you prefer, choosing among our proposals.

The municipality of Commezzadura is part of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, with also other territories. Here you can admire the most evocative flora and fauna of Alpine area: you will discover wonderful rhododendrons, gentianella of fragrant Negritella walking among paths. All these species are protected from our province. Enjoying the peace and silence, you might hear the whistle of marmots or observe chamois and Alpine ibexes on the higher peaks.
In addition, in Europe the Park is at the forefront thanks to the so-called “Life Ursus Project“, which has the aim to reintroduce brown bears in our woods. Indeed in the territory are living tens of bears today, which are perfectly integrated in the sourronding ecosystem.

A few miles far from Commezzadura you can lose yourself in the wild nature of National Park Stilfser Joch. There you can hike or walk every single day, and some activities can be organized from the experienced Park’s guides. In these occasions, you will have the possibility to admire the greatest fauna and flora as well as to taste the uncontamineted water of alpine sources.

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Summer in Val di Sole is a unique paradise for the nature's lover! In summer there is the possibility to practice relaxing sport or live strong emotion.