In Val di Sole, it is simple to relax yourself: you can enjoy fishing in the rivers Noce, Vermigliana, Meledrio and Rabbies, where are living colorful trouts, splendid sparkling rainbow trouts, Artic chars and other small fishes.

Lovers of this pleasant practice can reach the numerous small lakes, which cointain differet species of fishes from microorganisms to splendid and tasty fishes as the Artic chars.

The fisheries managament is assigned to the Fishing Association of the Valley: in order to fish in the licensing waters is obbligatory to possess the valid FISHING LICENCE (not F.I.P.S.!) or receipt of the annual payment and the DAY PASS of Fishing Association. This last pass is available at the distribution points at the cost of €18.00.
It is possible to buy a Carnet with 5 nominative permits. They are individuals at the preferential prize of €75.00 and you can find them at the administrative office of the Association in Pellizzano, at the bar Jolly in Dimaro, at the shop Pianeta Sport in Malè, at the bar Al Sole in Mezzana, at the bar Rive Pub in Cogolo and at the bar Distributore IP in Rabbi.

At the points of sale, you can obtain the permits at a reduced price of 50% for the children under the age of 14 possessing a valid fishing licence.

The permits have to be completed according to the instructions and indelibly maked. When you have used them, the card will be removed and restituited to the association or mailed in the specific boxes. These boxes are situated at the notice boards and administrative office in Pellizzano, at th locality Contre in Caldes, in the square of S.Bernardo in Rabbi or in Malè near the town hall. Another possibility is to give the permit to the administrative office in Pellizzano, to the warders of fishery or to the sale’s point of the permits.
It is prohibited to use more than one daily permit a day.
In order to fish in the ‘Zona Trofeo’ in Cavizzana or in the zone no-kill established near the torrents Rabbiès, Meledrio and Vermigliana, it is obbligatory to complete not only the daily permit, but also a ticket out. There, you have to write your name, surname, date and the time of exit for your activity. Before the fishing you have to put them in one of the boxes situated on the bridge of every single zone.
It is suggested reading with attention the regulation enclosed to the fishing permits and following what is required in order to avoid unpleasant situations!

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