Water has the leading role in Val di Pejo: glaciers, lakes, snow and mineral springs are some of its expressions. At Terme di Pejo, the Antica Fonte, Nuova Fonte and Fonte Alpina springs help to cure in a natural way some disorders of the joints, the venous and linfatic flow, the skin, the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal apparatus and the urinary tract.

The mineral springs of Val di Pejo originate in the bowels of the Ortles-Cevedale mountain massif, which encompasses the highest peaks of the Eastern Alps.

Several years are required for the water to find its way through the geological layers and take on its final chemical structure, rich in precious minerals. Water and rocks are closely connected: the composition of each mineral spring tells the story of its own relationship with the earth’s crust. This is the reason why each water is different from the others.

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Pejo Spa, shrouded in the natural landscape of the Stelvio National Park, is a perfect example of sinergy between nature and wellness.

In Val di Pejo, besides practising winter and summer sports, you can enjoy the beauty of the natural resources of the territory and savour the pleasure of a unique spa experience. The spa tradition dates back to the nineteenth century and it proposes, today as in the past, wellness and treatment paths. The spa center, refurbished and renovated in its technological equipment and in its internal settings, exploits the beneficial properties of the three Pejo mineral springs – Antica FonteNuova Fonte and Fonte Alpina – in order to extend a totally absorbing health and wellness offer to its guests.


At Pejo Spa it is possible to benefit from the best thermal treatments, even as part of the State Healthcare services, thanks to the presence of three different mineral springs – Antica Fonte, Nuova Fonte and Fonte Alpina – which are particularly suited to cure, in a natural way, many  inconveniences of the joints, the venous and lymphatic flow, the skin, the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal apparatus and the urinary tract.


Allow yourself a moment to relax at Terme di Pejo, a wellness oasis that will restore the balance of your body and mind through a pleasant emotional and sensory experience. The wellness centre is connected with the fitness area, composed of a fitness room and a gym with calisthenics, the swimming pool area and the massage and beauty treatment area.

Particular attention has been dedicated to energy saving and environmental protection through the use of eco-compatible and locally eco-friendly material, such as wood and stone.

The warm area allow you to enjoy:

  • the Finnish sauna
  • the Biosauna
  • the Roman bath
  • the steam bath

The humid area offers:

  • Whirlpool
  • Ccervical waterfall
  • Kenipp stepping bath
  • Emotional showers
  • Scottish showers
Terme di Pejo
Terme di Pejo
Terme di Pejo
Terme di Pejo
Terme di Pejo
Terme di Pejo
Terme di Pejo

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