The Nordic Walking represents a new way of walking in order to enjoy the benefits of physical activity. It is a new easy and healty sport, you can practise outdoor and is appropriate for everyone. It gives you the possibility to combine the positive effects of sport with relaxation and amusement, and that’s why it is conquering all over the world.
You will walk surrounded by nature with specific poles and simulate the steps of cross- country skiing.

On the one side, the use of poles allows to employ 85% of all muscles without stimulate in an excessive way the joints. It also enables to reduce the 30% of physical effort. On the other side the energy consumption and fat is more of 46% and 40% than the traditional jogging.

The benefits are multiple:
It reduce the join load
It facilitates a major energy consumption
It involves more muscle than the traditional jogging
It improves the posture
In Commezzadura there is a Nordic walking track and its departure is situated at the gardens in front of the town hall, in the hamlet of Mestriago.
Than you have to go trough the hamlet of Daolasa and continue from a nice panoramic street in the countryside. You can admire the suggestive view of the S.Agata church.
Here a light descent leads to the Bridge of Val del Duch, in order to return with another easy descent to Mestriago.
The itinerary is long 3.200 meters and presents a difference in height of 73 meters. For this reason is easily to follow.

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