Summer and autumn in Val di Sole are seasons with a thousand of colors and shades. It is ideal in order to live with the nature, because you can enjoy the colorful differences of the wood, the scent of mushrooms, the leaves’s rustle and other numerous manifestations. For example, you can participate in taste itineraries, music and farmer’s markets in occasion of the traditional return of the cattle from summer pasture in the mountains.

Principal actors for lovers of walks are mushrooms, which are numerous in our wood and in our tasty typical meals. During the summer, our guest can take part in many mycological excursions organized by the Agency for Tourism, which are completely free. Furthermore, free are also the meetings with an expert, the projection of videos and mycological exhibitions curated by the "Mycological Association G.Bresadola Val di Sole".

For the mushroom gathering is necessary to possess a permit, which is attesting the payment of the relative fee. Val di Sole is subdivided in two section for the mushing picking: on the one side the Municipality of Rabbi and on the other side 12 Municipalities: Vermiglio, Pejo, Ossana, Pelizzano, Mezzana, Commezzadura, Dimaro-Folgarida, Croviana, Malè, Terzolas, Caldes and Cavizzana.

Considering the 12 municipalities, the payment of the tax can be done at the Information Office of the Valley, at the bank counters of Casse Rurali Trentine or trough postal current account form n°89384242. In this case the holder is “Azienda per il Turismo delle Valli di Sole, Pejo e Rabbi – viale Marconi, 7 -38027 Malè”. In the reason, you have to write “Tax for mushroom gathering“, the generalities of the individual interested in it and the exactly period of picking. The copy of the postal current account from has to be showed as permit in the cases of control.
The TARIFFS you have to pay for the mushroom hunting are the following:
  • 1 day € 10,00 – preferential price € 8,00
  • 3 days € 18,00 – preferential price € 17,00
  • 7 days € 24,00 – preferential price € 23,00
  • 2 weeks € 40,00 – preferential price € 35,00
  • 1 month € 60,00 – preferential price € 50,00
  • 3 months € 60,00
  • 6 months € 120,00
The preferential price is applied to:
– People who are staying for touristic purposes in one of the Municipalities of the Trento Province for at leat 3 consecutive days.
– People who are officialy resident for at least 5 years or have a parent officialy resident in a municiaplity of the Trento Province.
– People who are owner or property right or have the right on residential buildings in one of the municipality’s partecipant to the regulation of the territory of the 12 Municipalities in Val di Sole.

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